Monday, August 18, 2008

No One Said It Would Be Easy

When I first decided to switch fields to psychology and get a Ph.D., I thought, "How hard can it really be?" Well, now I am finding out! I know now why it is such an achievement to get a Ph.D. I'm facing my Ph.D. qualifiers - an 8 hr exam this Friday. It's horribly unstructured - you show up and they could ask you anything - LITERALLY ANYTHING from the field of psychology. I'm studying as hard as I can, but with all my laziness and procrastination from earlier this summer, I think it might take a miracle for me to pass.

And after that I'll still have Oral Prelims, Internships applications and my Dissertation research and defense. GRRRRR. All of you who don't have to do all this - pity me, and spare me a prayer! All blog posts are on hold until after I finish the beastly exam!


Aarti said...

hey! Hows u? Goodluck with ur prelims! I see that u gave Ironman a lower rating after seeing TT! ;)

Azalea said...

Hee Hee. You are very very observant Aarti! Yes, I thought RDJ was great in 'Ironman', but after seeing 'Tropic Thunder', I realized that his role in TT was much better. Also, it was just so much more of an entertaining movie than 'Ironman'. Very good year for RDJ.

Aarti said...

Yup - I think he's an awesome actor. Hope he keeps up the good work!