Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Love Unspoken. Finally!! Finally!!!

I am excited beyond belief! For a long time after starting my blog, I looked for a video of Jeremy Brett singing love-unspoken instead of just audio, but I could not find it anywhere - I found photo compilation tributes set to the song, but did not find an actual video. Well, thanks to YouTube recommendations, I finally without even trying found it! The video is of an old TV program with Twiggy and Jeremy Brett. It's not all "Love Unspoken", which is only from 3:30 - 6:00, but you do get to listen to some other sterling performances by the two.

Isn't he lovely????? I LOVEEEEE him. Too bad he's dead, or else I'd send him some fan mail at the very least! Enjoy!

P.S. It looks like sometimes the video embed does not work. Try this link instead:


Anonymous said...

hi you dont know me- but i noticed your brett post of google
i can provide you with several audio files of jeremy singing
including original love unspoken- just message me if you'd like it
youtube channel:lafemdilletante

Azalea said...

Thank you. I've left you a comment on your channel.

The audio clip on this blog is in fact Jeremy Brett singing "Love Unspoken". :-)

rennie said...

i fell in love wid jeremy wen i 1st saw him in d sherlock holmes series. I recently gt d audio file of d original Love Unspoken. U guyz r doin a vry xcellent job tryin 2 make sure he's properly rememberd.