Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Five Books On The Go...

Is it possible to be reading five books at a time? My list says so, and someone recently asked me this. So, let me clarify -

1. "Lord Emsworth..." is a book of short stories that I borrowed from the library, but had to return before I finished it. I have been meaning for months to get it out again and finish it, but got caught up with other books.

2. "The Thin Man" was a book that I used to leave in my car to read when I had to wait in the car for some reason (apparently it happened long enough for me to read a quarter of the book), but left it in my car which my sister has been using for several months. I'll get it back from her when I see her next and finish it.

3. "Poirot Investigates" is the book in my headboard cupboard. It is a book of short detective stories and is ideal for bedtime reading because it is full of short stories that don't compel me to read on indefinitely and lose sleep. I still have about a half of the book to go.

4. "Clarissa" is my ambitious reading project for the year that was placed on temporary hold because I was studying for my Ph.D. qualifiers and was forced to read psychology journals instead of mid-eighteenth century literature. This book will shortly be resumed.

5. "The Miracle at Speedy Motors" is a book I recently borrowed from the library. This is the latest installment in Alexander McCall Smith's "No. 1 Ladies..." series, and is in huge demand. I was on the request line of this book for several months and probably will go back on a long line if I have to return it before I am finished with it. So, this book takes precedence over all others at the moment. I am done with nearly half of this delightful book, and fully expect to be done with it in a few days time.

So there it is... the reason I am reported as reading five books at one time on this blog. :-)

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