Sunday, August 24, 2008

Is This A Zucchini?

I was shopping for groceries at Wal-Mart last night. I bought some regular old vegetables - amongst them two nice eggplants (brinjals). As I was checking my groceries out, the lady at the counter fumbled with the code sheet trying to find the code for the eggplants - she seemed quite confused and after about a minute looked up and asked me: "Is this a zucchini?" I was so taken aback that someone did not know what an eggplant was that I was dumbstruck for a few seconds. Regaining my composure a few seconds later, I told her that it was an eggplant, but the horror of it stayed with me for quite some time. If a lady over forty did not know what an eggplant was (and clearly she also did not know what a zucchini was), then what kind of food was she eating? And what food was she feeding her kids? It's quite horrible to think about!


Mystery said...

So, the moral of the story is do not shop at "Wal-Mart". Hey, lady, I am an employee of Wal-Mart and I am going to sue u for one...two...maybe, three million dollars. Hope you have that kind of money. Anyways, how are you? You should be flattered that I read the stuff you write. Take care. Mystery Male

Azalea said...

Hee Hee. How are you J? I thought you had forgotten me. You sue me if you like - I'll counter-sue you for neglect!

The moral of the story is not that I shouldn't shop at walmart, but that it is possible for people who are often in contact with common vegetables to not know what the name of the veggie is - leading me to be aware of all the various things I come into contact with so that I don't end up in a discouraging post on someone else's blog!!!