Tuesday, April 24, 2007


There comes a time in the life of every human being, when he or she feels an incredible urge to gloat! For me, that time comes once every twenty minutes. Given the extremely high frequency of the aforementioned urge, I have learnt in true Darwinian fashion, that in order not to get beaten to a pulp by the fervid masses and perish, I had better keep my trap shut! However, at this particular instant in time, the survival of my particular strain of the species seems inconsequential compared to the satisfaction I would glean from a good gloat. So here goes:

I have been asked to be the student member of a search committee for the positions of two senior psychologists on the SCS staff! With me on the committee are the assistant director, clinical director, and coordinators of the SA, ED and group programs at SCS. It is an incredible honor to be a mere student and be asked to serve on the committee. It is also nerve-wrecking to think that I will be reviewing files of, and interviewing candidates who are so much more experienced than I. And beyond doubt, it is a wonderful affirmation of how highly the counseling center staff think of my work, skills and judgment. I accepted, of course! And with much eclat for myself!

And now... enough of my rodomontade! I intend to resume my staunch adherence to the Darwinian principle. Having discovered that I am in a way the "fittest", I am going to shut up and concentrate on the "survival" bit... which in this case appears to be not to overdo it, and perhaps getting on with a paper I was writing before I began gloating!

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