Friday, April 13, 2007

Nil Desperandum

I am making some changes to the post I made a few days ago because my trend of narrow escapes continues. All the past two weeks, EVERYTHING has tried to go wrong – research, classes, assignments, teaching, crushing my fingers in the door, relationships, taxes, client paperwork… everything. But every time I have had a narrow escape, and everything turned out beautifully. I started out feeling rather negative about everything. But since then, I have adopted the maxim "Idhar aa gale lagaa loon, tujhe gardish-e-zamaana." (Roughly translated: (lovingly) Come hither, let me embrace thee, you vagrant storms of life!). And life has unfolded itself in a strikingly handsome way since then.

This weekend, I am going to Minneapolis, to help my friends Anand and Aarti move. I have lived in my apartment for three years now, and I think I am in for a brief dose of what it’s going to be like when I move this summer. On a more general note, I’ve made some new friends, listened to a lot of Turkish music, and started watching a new britcom, called "Bottom". It stars Rik Mayall, who is my current sweetheart. I’ve had a very brief brush with Rik in the past, as Lord Flashheart from the "Blackadder" series. On the whole, I have had a wickedly lucky and laid-back week, though not entirely guilt-free. So you see, nil desperandum!

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