Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Hyacinths to Feed the Soul

If of all things thou becomes't bereft,
And naught but two loaves thou hast left;
Sell one; and with the dole,
Buy Hyacinths to feed the soul.
~ Muslihuddin Sadi.

I was reading poetry last night, and was feeling warm and comfy, when I came upon the above verse. And all of a sudden I was oversome by a terribly strong urge to feed my soul, and went looking for hyacinths. I couldn’t find any. They were not to be had for any price, anywhere. So I bought myself some purple larkspur, which is not quite the same thing, but very pretty too. And it added a beautiful patch of color to my living room, (which is looking larger and roomier now that there is a little less furniture).

I think I am going to buy myself flowers more often. Sadi was right, they do have a wonderful effect on one’s soul. Maxim deWinter in Rebecca, tells his new bride that of all the flowers that grow in Manderley, the only ones he lets be picked are the roses, because he thought that roses were the only flowers that looked better picked than on the plant. I disagree almost entirely with that. Flowers do look beautiful unpicked, but they have a universal charm, and they bring to me in my home, a comfort they could not have done were they growing elsewhere. So purple larkspur it was! But I watched Keeping Up Appearances just to go with the hyacinth theme. And if purple larkspur in conjunction with Hyacinth Bucket doesn’t feed the soul, then I don’t know what does!

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