Wednesday, February 28, 2007

The Web

I can't stop finding and seeing connections between almost everything I watch. A few weeks ago, I watched "Cambridge Spies", purely to watch Toby Stephens. And today, I watched "Another Country", purely to watch the heavenly Colin Firth and a stunningly young Rupert Everett. However, as I watched "Another Country", I was struck by how similar some of what I saw was to "Cambridge Spies". After a little bit of research, what do I find, but that Julian Mitchell had loosely based Everett's character Guy Bennett, on Guy Burgess’ life. Guy Burgess was one of the original Cambridge Five. Now that is definitely a coincidence! As I was musing about coincidences, I remembered how about a month ago, I talked about another coincidence like this linking "Rumpole...", "Edwin", and "Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy". And what should happen next, but I find a link between "Tinker, Tailor..." and the Cambridge Five as well (the cryptonyms should have given me a clue earlier)! Also, the character of Pym was based on Kim Philby, the Third Man, played on "Cambridge Spies", by Toby Stephens, whom I wanted to watch in the first place. Now, if that isn't eerie, I don't know what is! There are other connections among them all too, which I don't really want to put down, in case I actually start believing that I am paranoid!

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