Wednesday, February 21, 2007

The Rakish Mr. Jingle

Patrick Malahide is my GOD!!! I remember watching him years ago as the rakish and dubious Mr. Jingle in a 1980s production of "The Pickwick Papers", with a mixture of terrified fascination and almost unmitigated horror. He was so devilishly charming, that I almost sided with his Mr. Jingle as he got the Pickwickians into one shocking scrape after another. Dickens no doubt meant him to be hated - he was a loud, swaggering monster. But he stole my heart. Imagine my surprise then, when I recently rediscovered him as Ngaio Marsh's Rory Alleyn. The character he was playing was so dramatically different, that it took me a whole half hour to place him. I must say that among all my movie heroes, he is the one who has aged most gracefully. As Alleyn, he is subtle, painfully quiet, and has the most deliciously tormented look in his eyes. I wouldn't swoon for many people - not even for my beloved Anthony Andrews. But I would swoon in an instant at Patrick Malahide's feet. You wouldn't think so to see him. He's a middle aged man of average height and slender build. He's got some terribly crooked teeth, which I find rather shockingly attractive. He has a receding hairline, and is not what you would think would be "GOD" material. But he does have the most gentle eyes, his head tilts endearingly to one side when he smiles, and that tormented look of his makes him seem so beautifully vulnerable. I feel with all my heart that if I melted into his arms, I would be safe.

I am smitten... this has to be love!!! In a joke that possibly only he would understand: "Your health, Sir!"


coolmallu said...

As a side note.

A large well-shaped potbelly, a strong smell of coconut oil, a thick bushy mustache, sneering talk, leering eyes, and vellam adikking, = 'GAWD' material.

* said...

Ha Ha Ha! You're turning into someone else that we know!!!!!