Monday, February 26, 2007

The Dim-Witted Academy

Martin Scorsese won the Oscar last night, after five previous nominations. Finally!! I am sick and hoarse, but I was positively screaming in delight. I would have thrown a fit if Clint Eastwood won again. I think Eastwood’s wonderful, but Scorsese has deserved it for so long. The sad thing about it all is that though I really liked "The Departed" very much, I don’t think it is Scorsese’s best work. What about "Taxi Driver", and "Raging Bull", and "Goodfellas" and all those other wonderful movies? According to me, "Taxi Driver" was his best work. But, he wasn’t even nominated for "Taxi Driver". I can’t understand why the Academy is so stupid! However, they weren’t as dim-witted at Cannes. He was nominated and was named Best Director in 1986 for "After Hours". And "Taxi Driver" had already won the Palm d’Or in 1976. However, even though I was enormously angry that he won the Oscar for "The Departed" rather than for some of his finer work, I was thankful that the Academy had finally acknowledged him as a first-rate director. Thirty-one years too late, but still!


coolmallu said...

Ahha, the dim witted academy is right wing and takes a while to accept something avant-garde. They have pre conceived notions of what is good and bad. Anything that upholds Americanism is GOOD. How can you justify 'Forrest Gump' getting the Oscar for best picture when 'Pulp Fiction' was in competition?

* said...

Preposterous! Forrest Gump comes noweher near Pulp Fiction!! Bloody dim-witted Academy.