Thursday, March 1, 2007

The Sickness Cycle

Being sick is terrible and awful, but has its own strange perks. I have been sick for the past week, and though initially I thought I would take two days off work, I ended up taking a whole week off. I had plenty of sick leave stacked up, so it was okay. Anyhow, I went through a rather interesting cycle. Here it is:

Sunday: First symptoms – Panic about meeting and clients
Monday: Terribly sick – Cancelled meetings – Guilt
Tuesday: A little better – guilt, but with mixed feelings of relief
Wednesday: Fever down, but body aches – extended leave – numb to the guilt now
Thursday: Exhaustion – watching videos like there was no tomorrow
Friday: Almost recovered – grading papers – mulling over horrible week coming up
Saturday: (anticipated) Work on paper – watch more videos.
Sunday: (anticipated) Work on research – suffer extreme SNS
Monday:(anticipated) Back to work – nervous wreck, on verge of needing another week off


coolmallu said...

I was relieved to get flu so that I could avoid the Friday meeting. Unfortunately, it was moved to Monday. Rather awful.

* said...

That's terrible. Do you think you'll be better by Monday? :(