Monday, March 12, 2007

The Perfect Sunday

I spent a delightful Sunday, doing precisely what I dream of doing on Sundays. I woke up early, tidied up my apartment, planned my Sunday lunch and dinner, went shopping, returned with brown paper bags with heads of lettuce, cilantro and parsley sticking out (like all the glamorous women in the movies), popped some music on, and made a delightful lunch. I ate lunch while watching a period drama. I had a slice of my delicious carrot cake for dessert. After lunch, I vaccumed my apartment, watered my plants and did my laundry. Then I went to the mall with a friend to window shop. Around 4:00pm, I took Jose uncle some of what I had cooked. I returned, and since the weather was delightful, I took a long walk down Elwood. In the evening, I showered, watched "Goodbye Mr. Chips", ate a wonderful dinner, and called some friends. At around 10:30pm, I retired and read several chapters of "My Feudal Lord". I felt drowsy near midnight and settled into a beautiful, undisturbed sleep, and woke refereshed today. It has been the most wonderful Sunday in several years!


coolmallu said...

I bet the phone call on Sunday morning is the reason why it was so delightful.

* said...

The one about the tomato chutney? Very possibly!