Thursday, March 8, 2007

My Feudal Lord

I am currently reading Tehmina Durrani's "My Feudal Lord". , an autobiographical account of her tumultuous relationship with erstwhile Pakistani politician Mustafa Khar. Tehmina was Khar’s sixth wife, entering first a passionate affair with him, and then a nightmarish marriage with a man who was violently possessive and pathologically jealous. The following excerpt is from "My Feudal Lord". The description given there is that of a man that I might be attracted to. However, it has also made me thank my instincts of never trusting anyone who is jealous or possessive, because with that comes anger, and pain follows soon.

"There is a fantasy of a feudal lord as an exotic, tall, dark and handsome man, with flashing eyes and traces of gypsy blood. Images of him parrying thrusts with the fiercest of swordsmen and riding off into the sunset on his black steed set the pubescent hearts aflutter. He is seen as a passionate ladies’ man and something of a rough diamond, the archetypal male chauvinist who forces a woman to love him despite his treatment of her. But fantasy is far from reality and (we) must face up to reality … There is a deep-rooted deficiency in the feudal value system; it must be diagnosed before it is treated."

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