Wednesday, April 15, 2009

What Has Happened To Me?

I don't know the answer to the above question. My life has suddenly become more banal than ever. I go from home to school and back home again in a sort of daze, and nothing seems important enough to report. Although that sounds very much like a bout of depression, I can safely say that I am actually quite happy. I have a dissertation defense date set for the 15th of May, and I am looking forward to the summer holiday. I am also beginning to wrap up things in Ames in anticipation of my big move in August. Things are looking cheery, hopeful and very busy. But nothing seems important enough to post on here. I do wish something exciting would happen to me!!!

However, having come to the terrible, but inevitable conclusion that nothing exciting or new is going to happen to me unless I make it happen, I make the following resolutions for the coming month (and hopefully will follow through on them):

Will buy a nice variety of alcohol and mix myself a fancy cocktail every other night. (This one is inspired by an envious admiration of my friends A & A's choice collection of booze bottles).

Will watch ABSOLUTELY NO cable television - especially crap reality shows (news shall be excepted); and go for an hour-long walk each night instead in order to enjoy the wonderful weather that Iowa is getting these days. This will also be time to muse and think up things I want to post on here.

Will call one of my friends each night. Maybe the reason for the dried up imagination is the unwitting isolation I've let myself into during this busy month.

Will eat at one (or two) restaurant(s) each week which I have not been to during my stay in Ames. For Lent, I gave up eating out when I was not travelling. While this did vastly improve my home-cooking and bank balance, it did rather take a lot of fun out of the eating. Now, I intend to savor every single non-chain restaurant in Ames between now and August.

Let's hope that makes life more interesting and gives me more to write about. Stay tuned...


Rhett said...

Yes, am in tune. do write more...

Aarti said...

Call a friend every night, huh? Have u been following that??? ;)

Azalea said...

Oh Aarti... you know me way too well. :-( The phone-a-friend resolution worked for one day only. But, I do have a list of people I need to call. So maybe I'll get to it eventually. Resolution #1 on the other hand is coming along well. I went from zero to thre bottles over the weekend, and am nicely stocked up for the coming month.

Rhett, thanks for checking in. I agree about the verse in the last post.. quite handy, isn't it? Apparently, students haven't come all that far in their study-habits over the past few centuries. In a strange way, that's a bit comforting.

Mystery said...

Hi, Resolution #3, hope you still got my cell no.