Monday, April 20, 2009

The Auto-complete List

Ha Ha Ha!!! I feel so stupid and yet so gleeful saying this: I am now on the autocomplete function on google. This is hilarious. When I googled myself and saw my name on the auto-complete list, I was astonished. At first I thought that it must be because there are lots of people with my name. But it turns out that the majority of hits (those that do not have a comma between my first and last names) are indeed related to me. Presumably, this is either because there is a lot of information about me out on the internet, or there have been a lot of people looking me up - I am not sure which of these google uses as a auto-complete list criteria. And I am not convinced that either of these is a very good thing, but am nevertheless flattered.


Flux said...

That's great!!!

Azalea said...

Thanks Ravi!

Rhett said...

Well, that's great.

Can I like have your email? Or if you use G Talk then add me - my ID is there on my profile page. Or add me on facebook?! Would like to be in touch with you in a more social way!