Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Berries From The Park

The little park close to my apartment has over the past year afforded me many joys. It’s too small for a running track, the children’s play area is tiny and unused and it has only one bench in it. Needless to say, it isn’t frequented too often by too many people. But to a reclusive person like me, it is a sweet haven of relaxation amid nature’s beauty. I often go walking there, go there to sit under a tree and read, or get a small take-away snack to eat on the bench in the shade. And every time I have to go to the grocery store, I try and walk though it. In the last post I wrote about picking berries off the tree and eating them. As I walked through the park today, I thought I should pick some and bring them home to enjoy as a dessert. And so I did. I thought I ought to take pics to post them here too. You can also see the book I am currently reading. A bowl of berries and Agatha Christie… pure magic. :-)

A bowl of berries at Hy-Vee - $3.00
A bowl of berries picked in the park - $0.00
A bowl of free berries for dessert and a lovely read to go with it – PRICELESS


Aarti said...

LOL! Love the "mastercard" twist to it! I am still cracking up here! See u soon!

Azalea said...

Hee hee. :-) Looking forward to it!

Beautiful Mind said...
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Beautiful Mind said...

dear Azalea(Not surprisingly a Plant Name!)

your love for berrys looks so childlike!
and your photos are unique too.

MJ aka Paps said...

those berries look divine! hope they tasted as good as they looked...

Aarti said...

Where the new post???? I thought I motivated u to write one up! :(

Azalea said...

Thanks MJ. They were - sweet and succulent! :-)

Aarti - I did write a post - it's on my flash drive. I just haven't posted it yet. And everytime I am accessing the internet, I don't seem to have my USB card with me.

ian skidmore said...

Be very careful about letting Mortimer into your bedroom. He has a certain reputation. I am of course quite safe.
I envy you your bottle of wine. My doctor has forbidden strong drink. As a friend of mine observed; Growing old is not for Cissies.
The list of things that are no longer available begins with sex and drink but before you know where you are it has included walking, eating, even reading for any length of time or complexity.
Stay young
PS; You may enjoy books by Robert Lynd, a superb esssayist and critic I have just discovered