Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Launching my Blog-Enterprise

It’s that time of year again – the summer. And summer for a graduate student means low funds. 9-month contracts don’t go very well with 12-month bills. Now, the only thing apart from psychology that I know I am any good at is writing. It might not be spellbinding or spectacular, but I’m sure it’s definitely worth a glance at the very least. So, I’ve decided to market my blog. I am considering Google AdSense, PayPerPost and SocialSpark as possible ways of drawing income by doing what I like to do best – jabber on about myself.

What this means in terms of my blog is that ad links will start appearing on the sides of my blog. I will also do some sponsored reviews. And I’ll offer other blogging readers of mine incentives to review my blog on their blogs. It sounds complicated as I write about it, but I’m told it’s terribly simple. But overall, things won’t change much. If you are a regular reader of my blog, please keep an eye out for the changes and give me feedback about it. I’d like to earn some spare cash, but not at the cost of morphing my baby blog into something it is just not. TIA!

P.S. - Update on my grand money-making plans. Pay Per Post snubbed my blog in a record 2 hours. They said I had to have at least 10 posts in 30 days in order to be eligible. Now, I might reapply again when I get up enough steam to do that, but until then, I'm shelving this money-making-off-the-blog idea. Don't really know if I am happy or sad about this.


Flux said...

All the best Asha!!! You would have done it before. You are so late but I'm sure you will earn some good amount. you are so good at writing, ofcourse you and your blog readers know that very well. Keep writing, keep earning.

~ One of your Fans.

Asha Stephen said...

Thanks Flux(R). Unfortunately Pay Per Post doesn't think like you do. :-( They rejected my blog because I don't post often. I'll try again once I start writing a lot. Thanks anyway!

arun said...

i'd like 2 talk 2 u.

Asha Stephen said...

Hi Arun, I would definitely like to talk to you if I knew who you were (no last name provided, and no contact info).

Flux said...

What happened Asha! No posts?? You told that you would start writing a lot(?).