Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Wanderlust (2nd Edition)

Alright, here is the update that is about two weeks overdue. Over spring break and the week after I went on a long, long road trip. Only the first week was planned. The second week’s travel was completely unplanned. Over these two weeks, I travelled to the largest cities in seven states. Here is what my two weeks looked like: Ames – Minneapolis – Chicago – Ames – Kansas City – Omaha – Sioux City – Sioux Falls – Fargo – Minneapolis – Ames. Now that is the granddaddy of road trips in my book. So, lots of driving, lots of new places, meeting interesting new people. Every now and then I’d feel like I was on an adventure. I met some people I might never have met, and visited some places that I don’t think I would ever visit unless I decided to do this trip. I learnt a lot about myself these past two weeks. Or rather, I discovered a lot of new things about myself and the way I relate to others that I hope will eventually lead to me learning a lot about myself. All in all it was an interesting two week holiday. And one that was hard to return from. Pampering myself for two weeks has burnt a hole in my bank balance. I also had loads of work piled up. But, what better way to spend time and money than on myself! When I began writing this post, I thought I would say a lot more. As I read it now, I don’t think I have said nearly as much as I intended to. Maybe I’ll be able to say it all better after some time has passed.

On another note, Omana Auntie underwent a massive heart surgery the week after spring break. And after nearly two weeks in hospital, she is back home and nicely recovering. All is well at home. All is well at work. I am at peace.

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