Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Too Busy Reading

My reading goal for this year was twenty-four books – doubling last year’s resolution. That’s two books a month. However, I have got carried away and have read nine books already this year. I just finished reading “No Country for Old Men”, which I began the day before yesterday. Very interesting book. I can’t wait to see the movie. In fact, it was the fact that “No Country…” won the Oscar that made me go and check the book out. I have been reading every spare minute I get (as well as procrastinating in other matters). But I love every moment of it! However, not all my reading is as enthusiastic as it should be. “Lord Emsworth…” which I began last September still holds four unread short stories, and I am finding myself resisting reading “The White Company” because I cannot reconcile myself to any Conan Doyle that does not very prominently feature Sherlock Holmes. (That, and the fact that it is incredibly heavy-going).

Interestingly, I find myself getting more restive and restless these days. I wonder if that is because the banality of my everyday existence fades in front of the excitement of the lives of the people in the books I read. It’s possible. There is also lots of other stuff going on. I’ll post about it by and by. Right now, I’m off to another book. :-)

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