Wednesday, November 21, 2007


I meant to take this week off, but it looks as though I won't have a long enough holiday. About a week and a half ago, I set my master's defense date: the 12th of December. I am working day and night... harder than I have ever done to get my manuscript comepleted in time... it looks as though it might not be. But I am trying. I haven't slept for longer than five hours in a whole week now, and my fingers are tired of typing... my eyes are tired of looking at statistical outputs for significant relationships... my faculties are tired of working... I am exhausted. :(


Beautiful Mind said...

good work

may you finish in time

Nisha said...

I am proud of you Ashu!!!!!

ian skidmore said...

clearly noi time for social reading

Nisha said...

My poor darling..... I love you lots

Asha Stephen said...

Terribly sorry all of you, that I haven't replied or posted in a while. Rushing with research is killing me! Thanks Nishu, Anoop and Mr. Skidmore. :)