Tuesday, September 18, 2007


Luciano Pavarotti is dead. He died twelve days ago on September the 6th. I love Pavarotti. However, you can tell how little I have been following news about him, or any news in general, by how many days after he died I came to know about it. I actually happened to read about it not even in a newspaper, but on someone else's blog (Thank you Mr. Skidmore). But in any case, I loved him and I am rather sorry that he is dead.

I love the opera, but being very ignorant about it, I immerse myself only in the auditory pleasure I feel while listening to it. I know nothing about the intricate technicalities that people who know more than I pay attention to. I have heard people expound on how Pavarotti, despite having a wonderful voice, is rubbish. It makes no sense to me. I enjoy listening to Pavarotti, and that is enough for me. His rendition of Schubert's "Ave Maria" made #1 on my "Top Ten Songs I Would Listen To While I Am Pregnant" list several posts ago. I post a video of it here in memory of this wonderfully gifted man.


ian skidmore said...

Glad to be of help. Mind you anyone who loves the Merry Widow has passed the taste test.
I had he plesure of seeing iot twice in Vienna. Once in thre Statopera which ws terrible anbd oinee in th Volksopera which ws magical. Afterward we had supper at Sacher where Pavarotti and indeed Lehar both stayed.
Vienna is at its best at Xmas when they have the Chtristmas markets and the gluwein stalls and the town hall widows become an advent calendar

Asha Stephen said...

You make it sound so magical. I have never been to Vienna... I don't think I have ever particularly wanted to. But now, I long to visit it.