Monday, July 16, 2007

The Room

This post has all the appearances of being influenced by my reading Christie yesterday. I don’t think it entirely is. But you, my dear readers, are of course entitled to draw any conclusions that you choose to.

I was feeling sick-ish last night, and went to bed early. And I had a singularly odd and terrifying dream. I woke from it with a start at exactly 11:19pm. The dream made no sense to me, and it remained unfinished. It had all the elements of a nightmare: a strange, dark room, a scary passageway, a mysterious man pursuing me, racing heartbeat etc., etc. But what was the strangest about the dream was the room that I finally ran into in order to hide from the man. Contrary to all expectations that one associates with a hiding place, this was a large, bright, cheerful room with a huge comfortable bed and giant glass windows. It had curtains not on the windows, but on one wall, covering it in its entirety. On the floor was a clump of elegant, paper shopping bags full of clothes. There also was a bunch of odd keys that seemed to fit nowhere. There was something very familiar about this room. I have a strong feeling that I have in my waking hours, been in that room before.

I awoke with a start, and the first thing that struck me was the wondering thought about when or where I had seen that room before. I propped myself up in the bed and sat in the darkness for a long time. I looked through to my living room and could see shadows of my bamboo plants magnified against the moonlight filtering in through the blinds. I sat and thought about it for a long time. The only way I could describe it was this – it was (or is) the most “comfortable” room I have ever experienced in a dream or in reality. It also had an extraordinarily calming effect on me; as though it were the only place I ever would be safe. But I was not satisfied. I got up, got myself out of bed, sat myself down at the kitchen table, and drew the layout of the mysterious room, the dark room, and the forbidding passageway through which the man followed me. I have looked at the figure long and hard, but I still cannot place where this singular room was.

The room was remarkable not just in its comfort, but also in several other ways which I could detail, but wouldn’t make any sense unless I explained my dream as well. I will not, here or now. But I will hold on to the map that I drew. I sometimes dream in pairs, and sometimes with several years between the halves. Maybe I will finish the dream someday. I hope so, because if I ever uncover where that room is, I will make my way to it and never leave.


Aarti said...

Someone's added Disturbia to their watched movies did ya like it??..(i did notice the low ratings)....

Hope ure feeling better :)

Asha Stephen said...

I did like it. I thought that it could have been more chilling than it actually was. And apart from the final 15 minutes of fast-paced action, the rest of the ovie was pretty predictable and mediocre. I liked the Asian dude. Thought the girl was an idiot. Liked the creepy guy... he made a genuine attempt at trying to be softly and polietly creepy. I think he tried to act like Anthony Hopkins as Dr. Hannibal Lecter, but you know that is virtually impossible!!!! He was okay though... wished he had created his own unique style insteda of copying AH. The guy was fine... And am really not used to associating Carrie Anne Moss as a docile and desparate housewife. I kept expecting her to pull out some matrix-style moves against the killer. I know I am being very critical... I did enjoy it... just didn't think it was super great. :)

Aarti said...

Yup I agree. Anand and I had the same feeling at the end of the movie. It was quite engaging, but way too slow until the gripping end. I was waiting all along for something to happen!