Tuesday, May 1, 2007

The Mad Rush

I haven’t made an update in quite some time. That is a testimony to how busy I have been. When Finals week ended, I thought that I could sink into sweet oblivion, but it seems that no such delight is anywhere in sight. The horror of Finals week may be past, but I still have to do research, see clients, facilitate three groups (yahoo!!!), serve on the search committee, and do some TA-ing. But before that starts, I need to finish grading and wrap up end-of-semester stuff. Sometimes I wish I were super-woman so I could get this done, but then I think, hang on!! I am super-woman already to be able to juggle so many things.

Saturday, Nisha is coming to spend 3 whole weeks with me. That is the longest time we have spent with each other since she came to the US. Now comes the stress of planning that goes into packing in as much fun as we can into those three weeks! Anyhow, come this Friday, I will be done with the bulkiest chunk of what needs to be done. Thank goodness, and then I will have some time to write about something of substance, not just write updates.

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